Better together

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Liberty Bancorporation and North Adams Bancshares Merger

Are the two banks merging?
Not right away. The merger was completed at the “holding company” level, which means that the
ownership of the two banks has now combined, but the banks themselves have not. The two banks will
remain separate for a period of time while preparations and improvements are completed to pave the
way for a smooth transition at a later date.

I am a Liberty Bank customer. Can I use the North Adams State Bank locations in Ursa and Camp Point?
Not yet. We will be working hard to upgrade our technologies and improve our processes over the next
several months, so when the day comes to combine the two banks, we get it all right the FIRST time!
We will let you know when that time comes.

I am a North Adams State Bank customer. Can I use the Liberty Bank locations in Liberty, Barry, Payson and Quincy? See answer above!

Can I use either bank’s ATMs free of charge?
Absolutely YES!! Either bank, all 10 ATMs. No charge.

Can I cash a check, make a deposit or make a loan payment at the “other bank”?
Not yet. If you have an urgent need and are near one of our other locations, our team will work
together to try to accommodate you. It’s all in the family, but our systems are both still separate right

Will I have to change my account and routing numbers?
Nothing will change right away. Once we have mapped out our plan and we know what the time line
will be, you will be contacted well ahead of time if and when you will be affected. Existing Liberty
Bank customers will not be affected, but North Adams customers will eventually need to update at least
their routing number, and possibly their account number as well. This will ultimately affect direct
deposit and other automatic entries coming to and being paid from your accounts, but we are here for
you and can assist you in changing those when the time actually comes to make that change.

Will I have to replace my checks and debit card?
As described above, not everyone will be affected, but for those folks who will have a required change
in the future, we will make sure that you have a new order of checks AND a new debit card well ahead
of time. We will then describe to you the date after which you should begin using the new
checks/card. The new checks and card will all be at OUR expense, not yours. Again, all this is a little
ways off, yet, and we’ll let you know the exact plan when we get to that point.

Please let us know what we can do to help you get the most out of our

BETTER TOGETHER combination of Liberty Bank and North Adams State Bank!