IRA’S & SIMPLE Retirement Plans

Why not let Uncle Sam assist in your retirement plan? By using one of the tax-deductible Individual Retirement Account plans, you can defer taxes until your later years when you may even be in a lower tax bracket anyway!

Whether or not you are covered under a plan at work, you may be eligible for an IRA. See your tax people, then come see us! We’ll put your retirement nest-egg to work building you a better community to retire in!!

If you are an employer, you need us to set up a SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employees) for you and your employees. Keep your good employees happy and help them prepare for their retirement, too. Simple it is!! Let us show you how!

We also have Roth IRA’s in case you choose not to take a deduction now, but you want to keep Uncle Sam out of your pocket when you retire!

While you are in the tax-savings mode, ask us about our Health Savings Accounts!!!  Your hard earned money is set aside PRE-tax, according to your family’s needs for medical expenses.